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The BlueRam Group is a set of individuals dedicated to using their expertise in providing the best resources to a variety of interests.  We have many years of experieince in marketing and delivering products to the Internet Community.  You can find some of those offerings at our store  We look forward to continuing to provide expertise and useful information on a variety of topics in our fields of expertise.


Internet Marketing
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The BlueRam Group has specialized in the efforts of offline business to bring their businesses to online profit. 

We offer two different persepctives, one for Offline Businers Consultants who want to have a syustematized way to help their clients to move online successfully.
In addition, we have produced a handbook for established offline businesses to move to the online world directly.
Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy has been a hot topic for the BlueRam Group ever since it was founded.  We are all dedicated to finding ways to individually break our addiction to oil and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Take a look at our strategic alternative energy website.

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Pets are a part of our lives.  They are beneficial in a number of ways.  Our group beleives in the importance and improvements pets can make in our lives.  Without them, life wouldn't be as worthwhile. 

Anyone can benefit from having a companion of some sort, at the moment we have a site dedicated to people who want to start and maintain an aquarium.


April 15, 2010
The BlueRam group is created from a previous group that built and maintained the popular Offline Business - Online Wealth e-book.  The site was developed to assist Offline Business Consultants with providing

May 16, 2010
Distributed the free report - BlueRam Group's  Offline Business Consultant's Guide to Craigslist  to the subscribers on the Offline Business-Online Wealth list.  To get access to our free report,

June 10, 2010
Tropical Fish Aquarist brought under the umbrella of the BlueRam Group.  Run by a longterm aquarist, thisis the place to ask your questions about tropical fish and how to keep them alive

June 25, 2010
Launch of the first version of the BlueRam Group's website. This is admittedly a work in progress, so you can expect a number of improvements in the near future.